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The given natural preparation was successfully tested on cockroaches over a period of .

7 years and can particularly be used in gastronomy, but private as well.  

AVEIBAN schows a unique effect that guarantees long-term relief from insects. Even with prolonged use AVEIBAN does not lose its effeciency. The insects do not become resistant.

The given odourless preparation consists of:

99,6% foodstuffs and

0,4% preservative agents

Therefore AVEIBAN is purely ecological and offers a natural alternative to chemical methods.

Directions for use:

Open and separate the lids of the packs on both sides and place at a location strongly frequented by cockroaches. Depending on the size of the room and the intensity of the infestation a number of packs may be needed. It only takes a few hours to reduce the population and a few days for total extermination of cockroaches.

The boxes without quick-fix are easy to place on the floor. The boxes with quick-fix are easy to fixed to the walls, inside and outside walls of cabinets and to the ceiling.

1-2 packs for 15 m².

Contents: 1 pack = 2 boxes

Size: 6 x 6 x 1,5 cm (W/L/H)

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German production


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AVEIBAN a natural preparation against cockroaches

AVEIBAN schows a unique effect that

guarantees long-term relief from insects

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Uncomplicated use, fantastic results

100%  effective

100%  effective